“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t  said.” – Peter F. Drucker

Corporate Training

Team and Group Training

Research shows that to be a successful leader, you must understand your own emotions (EQ), as well as the emotions of others.

We are passionate about empowering leaders and organizations with the tools they need to succeed. 

Kinesics’ unique approach uses experienced trainers and proven tools to help leaders and their organizations improve their performance. 

Whether you are networking, speaking face-to-face, negotiating contracts, interviewing candidates or delivering a presentation, seeing the messages that ‘are not said’ is the most important part of the conversation.

How We Work:
We tailor our training to fit your organization’s needs.

First we learn about your organization’s needs, then we develop training to meet your objectives. Hire us to deliver training at your office or offsite. Sessions are interactive and include a practical, ‘hands-on’ approach.

Participants leave with takeaway tools they can use to reinforce learning. 


Do you have several groups to train or need a sustainable solution? Consider Kinesics Train-the-Trainer’s certification program. We equip you with the skills to deliver our program in-house with your trainers.


You Will Learn How to:

Benefits of Working with Kinesics:

Business and Sales:

Read clients’ needs more effectively. Identify decision-makers in the room. Build faster rapport and credibility. Make better decisions. Win negotiations more frequently. Even propel your results to a new level with our Non-Verbal Sales Master certification.


Deliver clearer presentations. Develop stronger relationships. Assess truthfulness and credibility. Interview more strategically. Negotiate more effectively. Make better hiring decisions.

Law Enforcement: 

Read what others are thinking and feeling. Recognize lies from truth in interviews. Identify deception. Probe hotspots with effective questioning.

Real Estate:

Recognize what sellers or purchasers are thinking and feeling. Suspend personal bias. Uncover hidden agendas. Identify deal-breaking assets and obstacles.

Entrepreneurs and Speakers:

Learn how to establish immediate rapport with people, build trust, take control of the floor while presenting, make an impression without speaking a single word and create a memorable impact with your audience.

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Learn how to use non-verbal communication to enhance your life and career.


Kinesics Certifications

Non-Verbal Sales Master Certification

Propel your sales skills and results to a new level.

Train-the-Trainer Certification

Equip your staff with the tools to deliver our program in-house.

Kinesics Non-Verbal Partner Certification

Join Kinesics and become a trainer.

Keynote Presentations

Bring a unique learning opportunity to your event 

Our keynotes are Interactive, informative and entertaining

Planning an event and looking for a professional speaker with a practical and unique topic? Look no further. We offer keynotes on the following topics:

Our topics resonate with every audience.

Attendees learn and practice new skills, while having fun.

We customize our content to fit your audience and needs.

One-on-One Consulting

Need to:

Kinesics one-on-one consulting is all about you!

We learn about your goals and deliver step-by-step guidance to ensure you reach them.

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