We Give Back!

We believe that giving back  is important!


WOW - Women of Wonder

WOW is all about empowering women in business and leadership and so are we!

McGill and Concordia Universities

We love working with the leaders of tomorrow, inspiring and positioning them for success!  

Mentoring and Judging​ Startups

At Kinesics, we are grateful for all the mentors we have and  want to make sure we pass on the knowledge by partnering with startup festivals, incubators and hackathons.


We believe in empowering women. We were excited to partner with WILempower, an online membership platform to help professional women reach their optimal performance.

Académie de Karaté Alexandru Sorin

Non-verbal communication is everywhere! In business, sales, dating, law inforcement and YES, also in contact sports. At the academy they focus on developing physical strength, as well as mental strength, to help everyone reach their full potential.  

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