Enhance Your Mood Through Movement and Improve Your Business

As professionals, everything we do influences our business. Which is why we must do everything meticulously and conscientiously. The things we do, how we do them, and their eventual outcome will be reflected in our bottom line...

Why You Should Mirror Your Clients

As human beings, we like to be surrounded by like-minded people and people we feel a connection with. Just as we tend to pick animals that look like us, we also pick friends, coworkers and business collaborators that are similar to us. We look for things we can relate to. Sometimes it’s the way someone speaks or smells...

Top 5 best-kept Secrets for a Winning Presentation

Last week I was part of a great event where I met Uri Levine. Uri is the co-founder of Waze, (a navigation application). He’s also the co-founder and active chairman of FeeX, as well as many other innovations and startups.

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